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USB to Serial adapter (RS232) for Windows 8

Windows 8 is on the street and US Converters have a USB to serial adapter ready. The manufacturer (FTDI) of the processor chips and drivers for our USB to Serial RS232 and RS485 adapters "Ultimate" and "PRO" versions has validated that the drivers will work correctly with all released versions of Windows 8.

How does this help you?

Well, this is great news since you now won't have to spend money on a new USB to serial adapter when Windows 8 really takes over. Our selected models of USB to serial RS232 and RS485 / RS422 adapters are fully compatible with all versions of Windows, from way back to Windows 98 all the way up to Windows 8, not only in 32-bit versions but also in 64-bit versions.

Our recommended USB to Serial adapter

So, if you are conscious about quality and price and looking for a USB to serial adapter fully compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 7, and all other versions of Windows and most versions of Mac and Linux, well even Windows CE, then we can highly recommend that you try one of the USB to serial adapters shown below.
Not only does these two models have drivers and processors fully compatible with all versions of Windows, they are also designed around a serial transciever / driver chip, the ZT232E RS232 transciever from ZyWyn USA, which goes in perfect synergy with the FTDI processor chip creating a high performance USB to serial adapter circutry with the highest possible compatibility with most serial devices on the market and also older legacy serial devices.

The USB to Serial adapters for Windows 8:

USB to Serial Premium
Windows 8 / Vista 32/64-bit
Premium Grade adapter
Windows 8 / Vista 32/64-bit
Professional Grade adapter

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