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Tech Support

Here you will find helpful information regarding most types of data converters.
It will help you put the pieces together!
Feel free to contact us at any time if you do not find answers to your questions here.

technical support
RS232 Pinout
RS232 Basics
RS232 Tester / Troubleshooter (pdf)
RS485 Greatest Troubleshooter (pdf)
RS485 Basics
RS232 to RS485 Port Check
RS485, Connecting a 4-wire Slave to a 4-wire Master
RS485 Connection Examples
RS485 Termination
RS485 Multidrop Networks
10 Ways to Bulletproof RS485 Interfaces (pdf)
RS485 Explained (pdf)
Basic RS422 Connections
RS232 to RS422 Port Check
USB - Serial
How Can I Check my USB - RS232 Port? Loop-back test (pdf)
How Can I Check my USB - RS485 Port
FTDI FT232RL Default Driver Settings (pdf)
Silabs CP210X Default Driver Settings (pdf)
Prolific PL2303HX Default Driver Settings (pdf)
Moschip MCS7820CV Default Driver Settings (pdf)
USB Basics
USB 2.0
How to fix "USB Device Not Recognized error" (pdf)
How to fix "This Device Cannot Start. (Code 10)" (pdf)
Non-standard USB-Serial baud rates - Windows (pdf)
Non-standard USB-Serial baud rates - Linux (pdf)
Advanced FTDI driver options (pdf)
Installing FTDI VCP Drivers on Linux (pdf)
Serial - Ethernet
How Ethernet Works
Ethernet Facts
Serial to Ethernet
BF430 Tunneling Mode over LAN (pdf)
XS1000/BF430 Tunneling Mode over Serial (pdf)
How to hardware reset XS1000 (pdf)
How to hardware reset BF-430 (pdf)
How to access a serial device over Internet
How to setup a serial to Ethernet device server using DHCP (pdf)
Serial to Ethernet without Virtual COM software - XS1000 (pdf)
Serial to Ethernet without Virtual COM software - BF430 (pdf)
XS1000 VCOM Default Settings (pdf)
BF430 VCOM Default Settings (pdf)
Tunneling mode over LAN using US2000A serial ethernet converter (pdf)
Tunneling mode over LAN using US2000B serial ethernet converter (pdf)
How to access a serial device over Internet using a wired router and No-IP
Serial Wireless
Wireless standards
Serial Bluetooth Setup Examples (pdf)
Serial RF Setup Examples (pdf)
I can't communicate with my wireless serial adapter...why? (pdf)
YSC10U Default parameter settings (pdf)
YSC30L Default parameter settings (pdf)
How to Setup a Wireless RS232 Link Step-by-Step
Using the YSC10U/YSC30L serial radios with RS485 ports (pdf)
Adhoc vs infrastructure networks - What's the difference? (pdf)
How to Access a Serial Device over the Internet (pdf)
Port-powered serial converters
Repeaters, extending network
Quick Serial Reference
Optical isolation and ground loops
Basic Modbus Troubleshooting
ModBus Over Serial Guide (pdf)
DTE/DCE Connections (pdf)
The RS232 Standard
RS232 Wiki
RS485 Wiki
RS422 Wiki
USB Wiki
The USB Standard
RS232 to RS485
RS-232 Cables, Wiring and Pinouts
Serial Interface Primer